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10:00-10:15 am | Outside Northeast Entrance
47th Ward Alderman Ameya Pawar welcomes you to the Green Metropolis Fall Harvest Fair!

Monarch Butterfly Seed Release!

11:15 am | Outside Northeast Entrance
Help ensure future for beautiful monarch butterflies! Join us for the monarch plant (milkweed) seed release outside at 11:15AM. Seeds provided. Emceed by Allen Lawrance, a Nature Museum Entomologist and radio host Mike Nowak.

WCPT’s Mike Nowak Show

9:00-11:00 am | Registration area, Inside NE entrance
Come see WCPT’s Mike Nowack radio broadcast LIVE!

Kids Activities!

Family Yoga With Yoli
10:30 am | 2nd floor gym
Monarch Plant Seed Release
11:15 am | Outside Northeast Entrance
Jeannie McQueenie Puppet Show
12:30-1:15pm | Location:Room 224
Nature’s Creatures Meet the Animals
10am-4pm | 2nd floor Marketplace
Balance Boards and Beams Fun Zone
10am-4pm | 2nd floor Marketplace
Insect Petting Zoo, by Univ. of Il. Extension Service
10am-4pm | 2nd floor Marketplace

Kids Craft projects
ArtReach at Lillstreet | Cafeteria Lower Level
Jeannie McQueenie Puppet Crafts | 2nd fl marketplace
Univ. of IL Master Gardeners Paper Flowers
| 2nd fl marketplace


Location: 2nd floor Gym
Enjoy FREE yoga throughout the day! Be sure to bring your mats.
10:30 am – Yoga With Yoli-Yoli Maya Yeh
11:30 am – Yoga for Everyone with Moksha Yoga-Dianna Oles
12:30 pm – Illumine Chicago Yoga Magazine-Trayci Handelman
1:30 pm – Ganesha Yoga & Adventures in Fitness-Jodi Geoghan
2:30 pm – Yoga Now Chicago-Cindy Huston

Special Events

From Garden to Kitchen -
Ina Pinkney Cooks for You! - 11-11:30 am

Location: Room 224
Join celebrated Chef Ina Pinkney as she shares and demonstrates a favorite fall harvest recipe. This delicious, hearty vegan dish, with ingredients readily available from the farmer's market (and maybe even your garden!) is guaranteed to satisfy even non-vegetarians - so come and enjoy Ina's special charm and expertise!

Is Your Food Making You Sick? - 11:00- 11:45 am
Location: Room 204
Martha Howard discusses how foods can be the hidden cause of many common ailments like Gerd, Chronic Sinusitis, Irritable Bowl, ADD, Eczema & Insomnia. She will have on-site testing equipment available.

Creativity - Discovering and Nurturing the Genius Within YOU - 1:30-2:15 pm
Location: Room 224
The creative process can be elevating, elusive, and humbling, and during this discussion, some very creative people will share how they use internal and external resources to continue to create and keep themselves challenged.

Mike Nowak - Radio personality and author
Ina Pinkney - Chef and author
Scott Stantis - Editorial cartoonist at the Chicago Tribune
Moderated by: Mark Earnest - Author

Communicating with the Other Side through Open Channeling - 2:30 pm
Location: Room 224
Attendees will be able to ask the Ascended Masters, their own spirit guides, and possibly deceased relatives and friends questions to which they seek answers. No question is prohibited and the Masters will answer all that do not interfere with a person’s freedom of choice, or something they do not need to hear at this time.

The Spirit Masters, our inspirational guides on the Other Side, help us develop psychic awareness and understand the journey of the soul. They answer questions from fans all over planet Earth, who seek success in meeting the challenges they face day by day.

Channeled by Toni Ann Winninger, the Masters’ messages deal with personal problems, life lessons, healing, enlightenment, natural and metaphysical phenomena, and reincarnation. Toni is a retired Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney now traveling the world giving seminars and workshops on Reincarnation and spiritual topics. She has co-authored 9 channeled books with several more on the way. She is a channel, doing personal sessions, group events and brings through answers to questions weekly on their website for the public.

Author Signings!

Mike Nowak - 11:30 am
"The Attack of the Killer Asparagus"
Registration area 1st floor, after seed release.

Ina Pinkney - 11:45 am
"Taste Memories - Recipes for Life & Breakfast"
Outside room #224 following her 11am workshop.

Mark Earnest - 2:15 pm
"The Delta Project"
Outside room #224 following his 1:30pm workshop.

Cary Weldy - 2:45 pm
"Spiritual Values in the Workplace – The Soul of Success in the 21st Century”
Outside room #204 following his 2pm workshop.

Toni Winninger - 3:15 pm
Outside room #224 following her 2:30pm workshop

Bike Drive - By Working Bikes

Location: Outside Parking Lot
Bring your old, underused bicycles, and Working Bikes will refurbish them and donate them to people who will really use them!!

Harvest and Garden Workshops

Winter Composting - Yes You Can! - 12:00-12:45 pm
Location: Room 202
You can still reduce your ecological footprint throughout the winter months by composting your vegetable and fruit scraps and paper products. Experts will explain how even apartment dwellers can create compost when baby, it’s cold outside! A bonus – learn about the Univ. of Il Extension Office Master Composting Program. Speakers Erlene Howard from Collective Resources, Sarah Batka from the Univ. of IL Extension Office, and Ed Hubbard of Nature’s Little Recyclers.

Preparing your Garden for Winter - and for Migrating/Overwintering Friends! - 1:00-1:45 pm
Location: Room 202
Besides the basics of what to do in your garden now to create a healthier and happier springtime, Nancy Benjamin of Bite Garden Design will also share tips on how to make your garden hospitable for migrating birds during the fall (and coming spring!) and for the other beneficial critters sticking around during the winter.

Extending the Growing Season - 2:00-2:45 pm
Location: Room 202
Yes, it's possible to enjoy fresh, home grown fruits, veggies, and herbs well into the cold Chicago winter. Join us for insights on food preservation, permaculture, and indoor growing techniques. Speaker Julie Kocher-Zinkus of Tower Gardens.

Drying and Preserving Herbs - 3:00-3:45 pm
Location: Room 202
Herbs enhance food and soothe the body. And they are incredibly easy to grow, harvest, dry, and preserve for year round pleasure. Learn 'how to' from Prairie Godmothers founder Jackie Riffice, your green gardeners located in suburban Chicago. She will bring fresh herbs and demonstrate how to dry them and preserve them (there are a few ways.) (15 minutes after the session are scheduled for questions and answers.)

Harvest and Garden Resources Area

Ask a Master Gardener/Composter - 10 am-4 pm
Location: 2nd Floor Marketplace
Rain Barrel Raffle - 10 am-4:00 pm
Location: 1st Floor, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Table

Home Workshops

The Home Workshop Track is Sponsored by:

Green Technology - Bringin' It Home - 12:00-12:45 pm
Location: Room 204
Want to save energy and control costs as the cold weather approaches?  This session focuses on the green technology options on the market today - how to install them, and what to expect in terms of return on your investment. Join Ron Cowgill, NARI certified remodeler and host of WCPT's popular Saturday morning 'Mighty House' radio show.

Solar Power and the State of IL Programs to Help You Become Energy Efficient - 1:00-1:45 pm
Location: Room 204
Learn about outstanding solar incentives that cover 55% to 60% of the initial investment in energy independence! Going Solar has never been more affordable. Brandon Leavitt, President of Solar Service, Chicago's most experienced solar provider will discuss in detail the State and Federal solar incentive programs.

How to Manifest Your Dreams
with Artwork - 2:00-2:45 pm

Location: Room 204
Join Energy Designer Cary Weldy, as he discusses how you can manifest your hopes, dreams, and wishes with just artwork. Learn how and why art creates your reality, as Oscar Wilde profoundly stated. Discover the hidden wisdom and secret techniques of the masters of art and architecture, such as the da Vinci and the ancient Egyptians, who used shape and specific numbers to generate energy and create power in a space. Learn what art prevents you from manifesting, and which elements in a piece of art can help your dreams come true. With just one piece of art, you can change your life!

Energy Saving Tips for
the Coming Winter - 3:00-3:45 pm

Location: Room 204
Join Jason LaFleur, founder of the award winning green building consulting company Eco Achievers, as he shares the proven steps you can take to ensure that your home is not only energy efficient, but healthier, during the coming winter months.

Spirituality Workshops

Location: All Spirituality Workshops are in Room 209

11:00 am - Professionals with a Spiritual Foundation: Challenges, Changes and Gifts
Enjoy being privy to a conversation between leading professionals from the Chicago area who share how they work with a spiritual edge. What challenges need to be addressed? What are strategies that work? How have they adapted their work to support a spiritual emphasis, and what abundance and satisfaction have they received? You will walk away with strategies and practices that you can incorporate into your daily work - and know that you are opening to joy in your everyday life! Moderated by Tazdeen R.
Theresa Puskar - Monthly Aspectarian
Cari Jacobson - Be Optimal
John Lionberger - Renewal in the Wilderness
Frank Mallinder - Coach at Nightingale

12:00 pm - Get TotalMind ed
Proven techniques to improve your concentration, manage stress, and experience deep relaxation will be presented at this entertaining and experiential workshop. Join James Phillips as he shares the ways focused attention can greatly improve your productivity, creativity, and mental clarity while reducing stress and even help you sleep better and awaken more refreshed.

1:00 pm -Loving Relationships- Mindful Practices for You and Yours
Have you ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of dynamic couples? Learn how these individuals are dedicated to a loving relationship through all the miracles, the challenges and opportunities every couple may face. You will walk away with deep insight and tools to deepen your personal relationships with your partner and yourself.
Freddy and Lisbeth - Tantra Nova
Kristin and Frank Panek - Flowering Heart Center
Ellen Katz and James Hope - InnerBalance

2:00-2:30 pm - Discover Your Full Potential
Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or over-stressed? Join Dr. Tracy Brinkman as she demonstrates the revolutionary Higher Brain Living® technique that energizes the highest, most evolved part of our brain; the part responsible for more clarity, purpose, joy, and connection. Come see the amazing transformation for yourself!

3:00 pm - Let’s Chat! Spiritual Leadership in Your Community
Learn how leaders in their spiritual communities deal with obstacles, challenges, and growing pains along with achievements, success and abundance. You will learn how to these leaders manage their complex lives and identify skills that you can incorporate as you work in your own communities. Ask the tough questions around leadership and be inspired!
Maureen Muldoon - A Course In Miracles
Rev Carol Saunders - Abundant Life Spiritual Center
Rev Heidi Alfrey - Unity in Chicago
Neale Baldyga - Urban Escape Healing