Sample of the 2014's Fair Program Below

Happening Throughout the Day

Animal Adventures With Erin’s Farm
Come meet some very interesting critters with Erin Yanz of Nature’s Creatures. Erin rescues pets that people no longer want - and takes them to schools, museums - and the Green Metropolis Fair! – so you can learn all about them!
Location: 4th floor Marketplace

Ask a Master Gardener/Composter
Bring your most vexing garden questions and challenges and the crack team of University of Illinois Extension Service Master Gardeners and Composters will help solve your problems!
Location: 4th floor Marketplace

The Bug Brigade! And Cockroach Races
Meet interesting insects and learn about their lifecycles (and maybe even hold one!) at the University of Illinois Extension Service Master Gardeners and Composters table! We’ll also explore the lifecycle of a composting worm. Finally, cheer on your favorite racer as Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches race throughout the day!
Location: 4th floor Marketplace

Mikey's Big Food Adventure: 12pm
Mikey the puppet goes on a food shopping adventure, and encounters all kinds of crazy characters in this fun, interactive puppet show produced by Jeannie McQueenie.
Location: 3rd floor, Room 304, 12:00 noon

WCPT Live Broadcast: 9am-11am
WCPT's Mike Nowak Show will be broadcast live from the Green Metropolis Fair from 9-11am. Come see Mike - he may even put you on the radio!
Location: 1st floor Foyer, 9-11am

Taz Rashid (DJ TAZ) brings a high vibrational energy to the Green Metropolis Fair by mixing the beats and rhythms of Love, Ancient New World, House, Tribal, Nu Jazz/Disco, Funk, Classic Remixes and all the cosmic sounds.
Location: Various places throughout the Fair

Yoga classes are FREE! Please bring your own mat.
Location:3rd floor Library

Family yoga with Yoli! 10:15-10:45am:
Family yoga with Yoli! Kids and grownups alike will enjoy the fun with special poses and interactive exercises.

Moksha Yoga Center, 11:00am-12:00pm:
Moksha Yoga Center is pleased to present their Everybody Yoga FREE CLASS. Join them for a free one-hour yoga class at the fair. Yoga is for Every Body!

Kid’s Zone
Enjoy the Balance In Motion area, where kids and grown ups alike can enjoy balance boards and beams, and explore new ways to move and groove.
Location: 4th floor Marketplace

- Rain Barrel Bonanza! Register to win a rain barrel provided by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District at their table on the 1st floor.
- Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Baby Crib and Toddler Mattress by Naturepedic.
Location: 1st floor, Registration Table

All Things Garden:
3rd Floor

11:00 AM - Five beautiful Acres – and No Chemicals! Secrets from Chicago’s Lurie Garden
The five-acre Lurie Garden in Chicago's Millennium Park was designed by world-renowned planting designer Piet Oudolf. The Lurie Garden's 240 varieties of perennials provide 4-season interest and are managed without the use of any chemicals. Their sustainable gardening practices make it the ideal respite for countless birds and beneficial insects, and a wonderful destination for Chicagoans and visitors alike. In this presentation, Jennifer Davit, the Lurie Garden Director, will provide an overview of the garden's history and share detailed information on the garden's yearly maintenance. Learn more about how you can incorporate sustainability measures - like using less fertilizer and water - and providing wildlife habitat- into your garden.
3rd Floor: Room 303

1:00 PM – Urban Composting
Whether it’s a worm bin in your kitchen, or a big compost pile in your backyard, turning your garbage into rich, black compost is easier (and less smelly!) than you think! Join the Urban Worm Girl Amber Gribben to find out why red wigglers rule!!
3rd Floor: Room 303

2:00 PM – Fearless Food Gardening
Do you dream of succulent tomatoes, fresh basil, the aroma of freshly snipped chives, or the heft of a homegrown squash or melon? Grow these dreams into reality! This overview of the new book “Fearless Food Gardening in Chicagoland: A Month-by-Month Growing Guide for Beginners,” will be presented by co-author Teresa Gale from the Peterson Garden Project. You CAN successfully grow your own food in your backyard, patio pot, or community garden plot! (Followed by an author signing at the Peterson Garden Project’s table.)
3rd Floor: Room 303

3:00 PM - Open Raised Bed Gardening – How to Grow More Food in Less Space
The use of open (not containerized) raised beds for food production is as old as agriculture. The advantages of planting in beds over planting in rows include higher yields and better soil structure. Noel Valdes, owner of Cobrahead Tools, shows how a raised bed system can easily claim to be the most sustainable method of food growing for home gardeners.
3rd Floor: Room 303

Sustainability & Spiritual Living:
3rd Floor

10:30 AM – Healthy Green Living on a Dime
Has a lack of time and money kept you from embracing a healthier, green lifestyle? Join author, publisher and founder/editor of Healthy Dining Chicago, Laura Bruzas, as she shares her top tips, insider secrets and valuable resources for living well without breaking the bank. Laura will also sign copies of her cookbook “Healthy 6-Ingredient Recipes”, the “Restaurant Go Guide”, and “100 Simple Ways to Eat for Less.”
3rd Floor: Room 304

11:30 AM - Essential Oils 101: Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint
Learn the what/why/how of essential oils. We will explore how we can use essential oils to support a healthy body, eliminate toxins from our home, and repel mosquitoes, safely and naturally. In particular, this presentation will focus on three of the most commonly used essential oils: lemon, lavender, and peppermint. Presented by Thea Wilson and Liz Peterson of doTERRA Essential Oils.
3rd Floor: Room 304

12:30 PM - Sustainable Solutions at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
The work utilities are performing has evolved since the Clean Water Act was passed more than 40 years ago. We can no longer look at sewage as a waste product, but instead, as a collection of resources to be recovered and reused. It is vital that we examine potential sources of renewable energy, find ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and recover valuable raw materials as we work toward the common goal of improving our water environment. To become more sustainable and energy neutral within the next decade, the MWRD is pursuing an array of environmental improvement projects while simultaneously developing technologies for renewable energy generation. Commissioner Frank Avila will provide an overview of some of these MWRD sustainable solutions.
3rd Floor: Room 304

1:30 PM – Professionals with a Spiritual Foundation: Challenges, Changes and Gifts
Enjoy being privy to a conversation between leading professionals from the Chicago area who share how they work with a spiritual edge. What challenges need to be addressed? What are strategies that work? How have they adapted their work to support a spiritual emphasis, and what abundance and satisfaction have they received? You will walk away with strategies and practices that you can incorporate into your daily work - and know that you are opening to joy in your everyday life! Moderated by Tazdeen Rashid of Agora Hub. Speakers include Tracy Brinkman of Higher Brain Living; Cary Weldy of Divine Living; Adahae Guadagni of Dahn Yoga; Ellen Katz of Inner Balance; and Mia Park of Mia Park Yoga
3rd Floor: Room 304

2:30 PM – A New Brain. A New Beginning
A revolutionary technique, Higher Brain Living® creates a surge of energy to the most highly evolved part of our brain designed for organic change and personal transformation. This energy surge releases life-long stress, freeing you to discover a life of joy, passion and purpose. This neuroscience-based system creates permanent physiological change in the brain on an ongoing basis and results in positive change in all dimensions of life. Presented by Dr Tracy Brinkman DN, Director, AWAKEN Higher Brain Living® Center - Grant Park
3rd Floor: Room 302

3:30 – Let’s Chat! Spiritual Leadership in Your Community
Learn how leaders in their spiritual communities deal with obstacles, challenges, and growing pains along with achievements, success and abundance. You will learn how to these leaders manage their complex lives and and identify skills that you can incorporate as you work in your own communities. Ask the tough questions around leadership and be inspired! Moderated by Tazdeen Rashid of Agora Hub. Speakers include Mark Anthony Lord, Bodhi Spiritual Center; Emanuel Kuntzelman of Greenheart Transforms; Mahachem Cohen of Mitziut; Linda Kroll of Compassion With Communication Inc.
3rd Floor: Room 304